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There is a place for everyone who wants to trade confidently. LION TRADE ONLINE offers low-cost trading access to international markets and various financial instruments, including the Forex market, commodities, energy, global stocks and cryptocurrencies.


I really like the collaboration with this company. The general opinion about the broker is positive. The site works without problems, the terminal is understandable. Money is withdrawn on time, and therefore I continue to work.

He traded with small deposits, but the broker strongly recommended not to waste time and make at least 300-500 bucks. He took a risk and realized that he had previously lost his time and energy in vain, and the profit was ridiculous. Now I am more serious about bidding, the return has become pleasing. I can advise.

Due to the fact that the ruble is already worth nothing, I decided to start trading on the exchange. I thought that I would not find time for training. Thanks to this broker, I began to understand trading, and I also didn’t work badly. I have been working with them for a year now.

Special thanks to the broker for the mobile version. It does not freeze, it does not blunt, transactions do not crash. I also note good analytics. The broker helps to monitor current analytics and correctly respond to it. You yourself know how important it is in the auction to receive information on time.

I used to think that the exchange is only for abstruse rich people who can trade there. With company LION TRADE ONLINE I changed my mind. Now I trade and get income. Although initially I confess that I was very afraid. Thanks to the company staff for answering all my questions.

Frankly, for me personally the best forex broker. The company LION TRADE ONLINE is a recognized leader in online trading, with many years of experience and operations worldwide. The company has an international banking license. The broker provides analytics and market analysis, advice and direct recommendations. In addition, you can trade from any convenient device. Personally, trading with a broker is not only easy, but also profitable.

Игорь Орехов Игорь Орехов Трейдер: 2 год
Анатолий Сигун Анатолий Сигун Трейдер: 1 год
Ольга Середа Ольга Середа Трейдер: 1 год
Владислав Смирнов Владислав Смирнов Трейдер: 3 год
Kristina Esepchyk Kristina Esepchyk Трейдер: 2 год
Артур Игнатулин Артур Игнатулин Трейдер: 4 год
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Frequently asked Questions

What time can I trade in the market?

The commodity exchange market operates 24/5, and you can trade the cryptocurrency 24/7 at your convenience.

What markets does the LION TRADE ONLINE offer?

We work in all market segments, such as currency, metals, raw materials, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies.

How can I open a trading account?

To open a trading account, you need to register, activate a brokerage account and re-verify it.

Can I open more than one trading account?

Of course! They can be opened in your personal account, while a certain leverage can be indicated on each account.

How long does an account verification take?

Confirmation of the account occurs within 24 hours after downloading the documents.

Can I place orders after the trading market closes?

The commodity exchange market operates 24/5, and you can trade the cryptocurrency 24/7 at your convenience.

Do you provide swap-free accounts?

No, we do not provide accounts without swaps.


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